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The Secret Life of Blueprints

Although there is the temptation to save thousands of hard-earned dollars and abbreviate the design phase by reusing blueprints, purchasing “canned” plans, or hiring an inexpensive “designer”; this approach generally results in an expensive and unsatisfactory project.  Misplaced structural pieces; windows that don’t fit; code violations; time delays; backcharges and extras from the contractor; functional, […]

The Questions To Ask

The Design and Planning of Your New Home The design and planning of your new home is the most important aspect of a richly rewarding process which will establish the value of your creation.  Your role is key in creating the roadmap to a beautiful, comfortable, safe, and energy-efficient personalized home.  Once a community and […]

Building a Custom Home

Are your needs specialized enough to warrant building a custom-designed home?  The custom home process is not for everyone.  An experienced architect can aid you in making this important decision.  Consider present and future needs, location and budget and allow him to help you analyze all of your requirements. To provide maximum thought to your […]