Reviews of JKA Design from Real People

“Jeff is a talented professional with an Ivy League degree that supports his uncanny designs. Jeff listens and translates the clients’ dreams into reality. I have seen many JKA houses and am always impressed with how they fit the landscape and actually enhance the setting. I highly recommend JKA for both new construction and also for any redesigns that will increase home values with Jeff’s insightful designs.”

“I have known Jeff Abrams for many years. It is my distinct pleasure to recommend his architectural and design services to anyone seeking excellence in architectural services.

My first meeting with Jeff took place after I saw several homes Jeff had built. I made an appointment to discuss hiring Jeff to build a home for me. We met in his home, which he had designed and built. I was blown away by this home, Jeff was about to list it, and I bought that home from Jeff.

18 years later we needed more room, so I asked Jeff to design an addition to our home. He did. We went forward with that addition.
It was beautifully done and integrated so well that only our oldest friends knew what part of our home was new.

10 years after that we asked Jeff to design a second addition. He did, and it, too, was beautifully conceived.
We loved the plans but deferred that project because the 2007 Great Recession occurred.

When we decided a few years later to sell this home that we had owned for nearly 38 years, many prospective buyers commented that they loved the fact that we had used the original architect for our addition. Several prospective buyers (and the ultimate buyers) loved the plans and the scale model Jeff did for the unbuilt second addition. Many commented how beautifully integrated it was,
and how seamlessly it would expand this living space.

We loved our Jeff Abrams home. We raised our two children there and lived there almost 38 years. That home had both amazing live-ability and the uniqueness of a one-of-a kind design.
That said, the aspect of Jeff’s architectural brilliance that we consider most impressive was Jeff’s ability to grow our home as our needs changed, and to do it so well it was seamless.”
–William and Tiana G., Homeowners

“I contacted Jeff after viewing his website. I liked his presentation on the site. It was more than photos of past projects; he included the necessary steps that needed to be taken to accomplish our goal.
Jeff and Dillon have been terrific professionals to guide us through this process. Our project is a complicated one – with many twists and turns depending on Denver zoning guidelines.

I feel as if Jeff and his team are concerned friends and although this is a relatively small project – Jeff is there for us. I obviously would recommend this company highly.”
–Maureen P., Client

“Jeff Abrams of JKA Design was wonderful to work with. He patiently guided us through exploration of many different design options for remodeling our home to add an additional bedroom, new bathroom and expansion of our master bedroom suite. He helped us align our objectives for the home addition with our available budget. His experience and vision were invaluable. Additionally, Jeff is just great person. We enjoyed learning from him and just spending time with him.”
–Bob and Betsy M., Homeowners

“In my lifetime of hiring various professionals to help with jobs regarding our home, Jeff ranks at the top. His extensive professional background and remodeling experience mean that he can do so many different types of designs, both small and large. His designs are works of art, but even better they work and are functional. He also can take homeowners ideas and turn them into reality.

He was the architect for our home about 40 years ago. EVERYTHING he said and advised us back then has held true up to today. That’s why we were so glad that Jeff had not retired when we finally decided to remodel our kitchen this year.

He is a hard worker, gets plans done on time, and is an easy-going guy. Both my wife and myself truly enjoy working with him.”
–Robert K., Homeowner

“Over the years I have used JKA Design on commercial properties, acting as the property manager for the respective building owners. JKA design has always done a professional job in a timely fashion. I have also used JKA Design for drawings and ideas for upgrades at our home with regards to our master bath.”

“We live in a home designed by Jeff Abrams and for more than 20 years have been delighted by his work. Our home is both beautiful and functional as a result of Jeff’s thoughtful creativity. Jeff has also advised us over the years on potential remodel and improvement projects. We value and appreciate his insights and suggestions. We highly recommend Jeff Abrams as a home design and remodel professional.”
–Gordon R., Homeowner

“Jeff and his intern Sean provided the architectural drawings for a kitchen and bath remodel that requires moving two exterior walls in our home. Sean visited the site on multiple occasions to take pictures and measurements so that he & Jeff could accurately design plans and elevations. Jeff and Sean worked with my designer and me to insure that we all shared the same vision for the project. Jeff is always cost-conscious and follows through with timely email communications.
Additionally, Jeff & Sean wisely suggested that we update our original 1988 house plans to reflect the addition for future reference.

I am also working with Jeff on plans to update the remaining exterior of the house.
As of August 14, 2015, we are still in the pre-construction phase, so pictures are not available.
I highly recommend JKA Design for anyone who desires honesty, professionalism and a delightful building partner!”

“Jeff is the perfect architect. My husband and I can say this as we have used his services several times over the past 37 years. We first consulted him to design our mountain home in 1977. He met with us, discussed our lifestyle, matched the home to our environmental surroundings, and suggested materials that would be beautiful and last for many years.

We love our home; we love to come home to it; it not only looks good, but it functions well. Jeff made many suggestions that have added to the value and livability of our home. For example, offsetting of the master bedroom so southern light could enter it, modifying the plan to maximize passive solar (this was before you heard much about passive solar), adding an additional level for very little $, siting the house for the best view while maintaining the best natural heating, cooling, and light features.

We have never needed air conditioning in the summer due to his excellent positioning of windows. The reverse is true in the winter, where we seldom need to heat at night–only on very cold nights when there has been little solar gain in the day, or on cold days when we do not get any solar gain. During sunny, winter days when the outside temperature is 0 degrees, we often have to open windows because the solar gain is so efficient. We can honestly say that the money we have saved on fuel costs through the years more than offsets Jeff’s design feels.

Our house is beautiful as well. It blends into our natural environment and visitors often comment on how wonderful it looks. Even better, is the fact that it “lives” well. We’ve seen too many gorgeous houses that don’t function well for the people who live there. If we come home tired and frustrated, our home is welcoming and “nurturing.”

Jeff is also respectful during the planning phase. He is deeply interested in your opinion and what you want. He’s easy to work with and even if he disagrees with one of your ideas, he’ll politely say why, but defer to your desires.

After 37 wonderful, happy years in our “Jeff” home, we’re ready for a kitchen remodel. Of course, we would consider only Jeff for the job. Jeff has that terrific combination of abilities to design a home to be beautiful, intelligent, and practical.”
–Cinda K., Homeowner

“My wife and I asked Jeff Abrams to present ideas for the upgrade and improvements to the exterior of our 90 year old house. We met with Jeff and his assistant twice to discuss alternative possibilities, including adding architectural details to the exterior and redesigning a patio roof. Jeff and his assistant created several elevation drawings of the front of the house and the patio roof design, showing alternate detail additions. The CADD generated idea sketch drawings have been quite helpful in making our decisions with regard to choosing the detail additions that we will proceed with.”
–Devin R., Homeowner