Who Is JKA Design?

JKA Design LLC is passionate about helping Colorado home-owners improve their living space and achieving a higher quality lifestyle; one where their house is comfortable, efficient, and actually serves them. Having lived in the Denver area for many years and specialized in new custom residences and homeowner improvements, Jeff Abrams understands the Colorado lifestyle.

JKA Design LLC has a long history of accomplished and award winning residential projects in Denver, Boulder and the Mountain West. We are licensed architects and we work closely with owners, builders, interior designers, engineers, and property developers to create beautiful, cost effective homes with the client always in mind. Your home will be comfortable as a result of our energy conservation and construction science background; beautiful as a result of our extensive knowledge, training, and widespread travels; and cost effective because of our years of hands-on construction experience.

Our focus is the creative, client driven, design of each project and its execution. We are attuned to authenticity of character and style, and we are particularly adept at the challenges presented by the difficult and sometimes “unbuildable” site. We are problem solvers and our in depth knowledge of building science and construction technology is an outgrowth of over thirty-five years of innovation in the areas of energy conservation, green design, and a passive solar approach to all our buildings.

We provide the inventive and creative ingenuity that translates our clients’ very special needs into a cost-effective, beautifully finished building of grace, utility and efficiency. We enjoy the challenges of special structures and complex projects such as residential renovations, additions and luxury homes on difficult sites. We take pride in offering straightforward and beautiful solutions to often intricate and code restricted projects. We bring the client on board as an integral part of the team which results in a shared vision with utmost efficiency.

We create unique buildings filled with comfort, commodity and delight. Our best project will be yours!

“We love our home; we love to come home to it; it not only looks good, but it functions well. Jeff made many suggestions that have added to the value and livability of our home. For example, offsetting of the master bedroom so southern light could enter it, modifying the plan to maximize passive solar (this was before you heard much about passive solar), adding an additional level for very little $, siting the house for the best view while maintaining the best natural heating, cooling, and light features.” –Cinda K., Homeowner

Hundreds of clients along the Front Range and in the Colorado mountains have taken advantage of Jeff’s unique skill-set over the years. His design for the first solar church and subsequent alternative energy projects, along with many innovations in Passive Solar methodologies, kick-started the development of the Energy Conservation Group. He developed numerous design details and techniques for sealing and tightening homes while maximizing solar gain and cooling for client comfort, energy conservation, and cost efficiency.

Jeff would be delighted to discuss becoming an integral part of your project in order to best serve you and enhance your lifestyle.

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