Additions Remodels & Renovations

Custom & Luxury Residential Design

Additional Architectural Services

Jeffry K. Abrams, Architect is a full-service architectural firm offering the following services:

  • Planning & Zoning Consultation and Advising

  • Code research

  • Site Planning

  • Architectural Design

  • Commercial Building Design

  • Light Commercial Architectural Design

  • Multifamily Design

  • Preliminary Design

  • Schematic Design

  • Custom and Luxury Residential Design

  • Residential Addition – Design and consultation

  • Remodeling and Renovation Design

  • Construction Documents

  • Working Drawings

  • Construction Detailing

  • As Built Measuring and Drawings

  • Energy Consulting

  • Passive Solar Consultation and Design

  • Bidding or Negotiation

  • Construction Contract Consultancy

  • Site Observation and Advising

  • Design Review Consultation

  • Forensics

It all starts with a plan. . . or does it?


The process of creating your dream has many steps and, often, twists and turns. First you must define the parameters of the entire project and communicate your “program” to the person (architect, designer, builder, interior designer, landscape designer etc.) who will assist and guide you through this process to get you started on the path of least resistance–best design, most affordable build, building permit and occupancy. Once there is a program of your wants and needs communicated, you can begin the design process. Then it “starts with a plan”.


Our process of professional design service is client inclusive and pocketbook sensitive. We want to bring the builder/contractor in early to help organize the budgets and construction approach. We will meet with you and clarify your ideas and move the design from concept sketches to developed design possibly including 3D drawings to help you visualize the finished building.


The next step is translation of the concepts and preliminary design into computer generated, defined and dimensioned drawings with exterior elevations as well as plans. Finally the Construction Documents are created, again in CAD  (computer drawing) and including more detail, products, and specified materials. We will provide drawings for your review and discussion with builder along the way. Throughout the process, local regulations and building codes are our constant companions.


When the documents are approved and with your authorization, they will be provided to the contractor(s) for bidding by them and their subcontractors. Bids and prices will be tendered shortly thereafter, a builder chosen, and a contract negotiated. At that point construction can begin; and depending on your arrangement with your design professional, they will provide oversight during the building phase

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