Green Homes Gallery:

Jeffrey K. Abrams Architect, P.C. has been a trailblazer in residential design and energy efficiency since it's inception.  In 1974, we recognized the need to drastically upgrade Boulder's drafty, inefficient, and wasteful housing stock, so we formed the Energy Conservation Group and proceeded to "invent" ways to tighten up and passively control the climate in the homes we built.  Standing as an extension of the "Arkansas Plan" for minimizing framing members and maximizing insulation, we filled every crack and hole in the building envelope while siting, orienting, and designing homes for maximum solar efficiency.  Additionally, our company became the mainstay of "Greenwood Commons" subdivision, the first passive home community, as we included many renewable energy components as well.  We have often been called on to create passive solar improvements, which may include everything from trombe walls and increased building mass to destratification or even active solar systems such as photovoltaics.  If you are interested in improving the efficiency of an existing home, or would like to discuss the creation of a highly efficient custom home, please contact us for further information. 

Passive Solar and Green Homes: