Your choice of an architect to assemble your dreams must be well-considered and most firms will allow an hour or more for this important conversation.  You should be well-prepared and bring relevant site information including the site plot and topography (if available), your program (wish list), square footage information, and your idea notebook and pictures of houses that you appreciate.  The following is a list of informative questions one might ask the prospective architect:

  1. What does the client see as important issues or considerations in the project and what challenges does the architect anticipate?

  2. How interested is the architect in this project and how busy is he/she?

  3. What are the steps in the design process and which services comprise the fee?

  4. If the scope of the project changes at some point, will there be additional fees?  How will these  fees be justified?

  5. What services does the architect provide during construction?

  6. Does the architecture firm have a specific design style, language, or philosophy?

  7. What information will you need to provide to the Architect?

  8. What unique qualities and experience does the architect bring to your project?

  9. In what manner might the architect provide cost evaluation?

  10. What services are basic to the project and what optional services does this firm offer?

  11. Which presentation techniques does the architect offer to explain the progress of your project?

  12. What drafting software does the firm employ (if any)?  Do they have 3D modeling capabilities?

  13. Who in the firm will represent and design your project?

  14. What is the architect’s background with this type of project?

  15. Does the architect have a list of past clients and references?

Your Choice of an Architect: